Investing in Advanced Biomedicine

Accelerating the pace of biomedical innovation

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences is the subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, with offices in London, Geneve, San Francisco and Toronto. It has been the lead investor in a number of promising biomedicine and longevity companies, including Insilico Medicine, a pioneer in applying AI and deep learning to age-related biomarker and drug discovery (and the consortium of companies around Insilico Medicine, including Youth Laboratories and Longenesis), and five other companies in the fields of Geroscience, NeuroTech, Preventive Medicine, AgeTech and Longevity.


We invest in and guide mission-driven biomedical startups with high disruptive potential and a strong scientific backbone, with a specific focus on ventures aiming to extend healthy human longevity. We seek out companies that can deliver not only a strong return on investment, but also a lasting positive impact on the problem of societal ageing as well.

  • Longevity Biotechnology

  • Precision Medicine

  • Genetics, Genomics and Gene Therapies

  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

  • Blockchain in Healthcare

  • AgeTech

  • Neurotech

  • AI for Preventive Precision Medicine

  • AI for Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development

  • Digital Medicine & Quantified Self


We invest in scientifically validated and highly disruptive startups with a specific focus on intersection of data science and AI with advanced biomedicine, and the application of cutting-edge science and technology to the extension of healthy human longevity and preventive, personalised medicine.


Deep Knowledge Life Sciences actively participates in producing analytical reports on Longevity and Healthcare topics in cooperation with Deep Knowledge Analytics, Longevity.International and Aging Analytics Agency.

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De-Risking Life Science Investments

Traditional biotech venture funds operate in a challenging environment, facing clinical trial failure rates approaching 94%, leading to a large number of failures and a small number of highly-profitable successes. But Longevity is a more complex area, resulting in an even higher expected failure rate. Therefore, new and double sophisticated investment strategies should be designed to face this challenge.  DKLS has developed proprietary metrics to improve investment de-risking and portfolio optimization, specifically adjusted for the Longevity Industry.

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